August 26, 2003

This morning I had to get up at a reasonable hour and drive up to Rochester to meet with the Volunteers of America in Charlotte. I have been asked to help them with their technology needs. I had volunteered to help them out some time ago, a year or more, back when Phil and Kate were still working there. After the meeting, I met with Eric and Min for lunch. After lunch, Min and I went around and looked for engagement rings. We still don’t have a real one. Min looked at a couple of places while I was at the meeting with the VOA but didn’t really find anything that she was interested in.

I had some work that we needed to do so we drove back down to Geneseo. I worked through the afternoon and then Min and I headed back up to the city to look at rings again. We found some that we liked but there was no financing at The Source even though we went there because they advertised that in the yellow pages. So no luck there. It was late by the time that we were done so we headed for home.

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