September 10, 2003

Well, I stayed up late tonight but I finally managed to beat AoE2 on hardest with three computer opponents. How do ya like them apples. That is as much as can be done in the game without them automatically teaming up against you so I am pretty happy that I have finally made it this far. It took a lot of work and close to eight hours of game time to finally do it but it is done and I don’t need to do it anymore.

This evening, Andy, Eric and I went to MCC to see Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers and the man who pretty much single handedly designed and built the first Apple I and Apple II computers (and had a hand in a lot of the Apple III, Lisa and Macintosh computers too.) The talk started at 7:00 and went until almost 9:30. It was really interesting and he had tons of good stories to tell. We all had a really good time. There were a ton of people at the show too. MCC auditorium was packed.

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