September 12, 2003

I had to be up nice and early this morning to get to my interview up in Greece. I hate getting up early when I have to work so late at night. At least I have had to be up early the last five consecutive days so I was in a little bit of a pattern by today.

Well, I got to the interview on time today. It lasted for about an hour. I have no idea how it went. It definitely didn’t go horribly but I can’t tell much beyond that. I felt fine about it. I should know something in about a week. I hate the waiting period.

Around 10:30 I arrived down at the UofR and Eric and I went over to Brugger’s for some coffee and bagels. You know how we are. We hung out until 12:30 or so. Then I dropped Eric back off at the hospital and went down to Home Depot to get some stuff for the house. We have been doing some house wiring and we ran out of Leviton equipment to finish up what we had been working on so I picked up the last connectors that we need to get the upstairs office wiring finished and I got the patch block so that I can clean up the connections that we have in the server room which are currently all over the place.

I got back home at 2:00 and boy was it warm. We are expected to hit ninety degrees today. Way warmer than it has been the last couple of weeks. So I fired up the air conditioning since Min was sleeping and was never going to get any rest with the house as warm as it was. Her having to sleep during the day makes her a lot more susceptible to the warmer daytime temperatures. It isn’t like sleeping at night when it is mostly cold. It is still pretty hot during the day.

Dad and I were supposed to have an early lunch today but we had both forgotten about the interview this morning. So we ended up rescheduling for dinner.

I am working for Wegmans in Newark tonight over in Wayne County (the 315 area code, ugh!) So I have to hit the road around 7:30 so that I will be on time. I think that this is my final week of working locally for Wegmans. We are right down to the end of the project. Only about three weeks left. Wow. It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be wrapping up already. But it has been almost ten months and it will be just shy of a year by the time that we finish everything.

Dad and I scheduled dinner for 5:15. We will see if Min decides to get up and join us or not. She is really tired after working her double last night. She went to bed shortly after I left this morning at 8:00. So she is coming up no a full night’s sleep but she kept getting woken up by the phone and, presumably, the dog. But she didn’t turn on the air conditioning nor did she open up all of the windows so the house was unbearably hot when I got here. Any sleep that she got couldn’t have been very good with the termperature up so high. Oreo was so warm that he wasn’t even in the bedroom with her when I got home. He was hanging out in the office all by himself. He really likes that room.

Well, that is likely to be just about all of the news that is going to happen today. Min is working the overnight tonight and going, more or less, straight over to FLCC for class tomorrow. She has her first test for her class sometime this week. I think that that is on Thursday. This Saturday Min and I are going down to Ithaca for the day. Okay, short and sweet update today.

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