September 15, 2003: 19 Days Until the Wedding

I worked around the house this morning and this afternoon had to drive out to Batavia to see the doctor about my arm. I am sorry that there have been so few udpates to the site, with my arm being the way that it has been, I really haven’t been able to type very much and I have needed to save my typing for work related activities. So I got to the doctor’s around 4:45 and had to wait for about an hour before I could get into see him. He said that he is pretty sure that it is my ulnar nerve but he is hopeful that there is just some swelling and that with some anti-inflammatories that maybe the problem will go away on its own. If it doesn’t go away in three weeks, then I have to go back to see him to have neurological tests done to see where the nerve is having a problem at since it could be in the wrist, elbow or shoulder.

Min cooked a big dinner for me tonight. Pumpkin lasagna and a chocolate pear tart! Yummy. Min is really enjoying having her own kitched.

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