October 15, 2003

Another busy day, no matter what I do I can’t get away from it! I had to get up early again this morning and head out to Batavia to see my podiatrist. It was a bit of driving in some really ridiculous winds. It was gusting up to 50 mph and raining too. Not too nice for driving. So I got out and saw my doctor. I hadn’t seen my foot doctor since 1997. I have been having a couple of problems with my foot recently that I wanted to talk to her about. The big deal being a plantar’s wart that just won’t go away. I have had it for a while and haven’t really worried about it but it is starting to really bother me so I am doing something about it. My doctor recommended that we just do surgery so we have an appointment for late November (I am just too busy between now and then and I don’t want to have a problem on my honeymoon because I have a huge hole in the bottom of my foot.) So she gave me some topical treatment to try until then. If we are lucky, that will take care of it and we won’t have to do the surgery. But chances are, it won’t do anything and we will have to do the surgery anyway.

I got back from the doctor’s around 10:30 and did some work around the house for an hour or so. Then Mrs. Miller (I can’t get over that) and I drove up to Jay’s Diner in Rochester to meet Eric and Amanda for some lunch. We had lunch and then Min and Amanda went to the mall to do some shopping and Eric and I went to Borders to work on a proposal that we need to get done. We worked in the city until about 3:15 and then we went and picked Min back up and took Eric back to his car. Then Min and I headed over to my parent’s house to visit for a little while and to pick up the mail that has been collecting for me there. There was quite a bit of mail. Regular mail and a number of packages from different IT partner companies. I get all kinds of promotional material from different companies these days. It is pretty cool. Nothing ever super exciting but there is often some pretty interesting stuff in there.

At 6:00 we went down to Arti and Danielle’s house for Michael’s birthday party. He is six now. We were originally going to go down there for dinner but the power is off from the high winds so we ended up just having cake and rapidly melting frozen yogurt. The power came on after not too long. We dropped off Art’s new computer. He is going to start assembling it tonight. Min’s new computer arrived too. I might have a chance to get to it tonight, we will see.

We came back to the house and I had to go down and spend some quality time with my computer. Min did some cleaning. While I was downstairs, I noticed a brown mouse go running across the floor! I figure that it must have come into the house yesterday while the plumber was here working since there haven’t been any signs of any mice for so long and for the door to have been left open for so long and now suddenly there is a mouse is awfully coincidental. So I broke out the humane trap again and had him caught in about an hour. I walked him out to the mailbox and let him go. He was just the tiniest thing but so cute! Probably the cutest mouse I have ever seen. But nearly as cute as my hamster. Speaking of Mr. Humphreys, Min got his new cage hooked to his old one so he has twice as much space to run around and play in now. We expect that he will really appreciate the extra room. It gives him a lot more opportunity to explore and exercise. It will help keep him from getting so bored so easily. I did manage to really pick him up for the first time yesterday. It was only for a second but the important thing is that he didn’t freak out when I did it so he is making progress.

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