October 17, 2003

Our Internet and phone lines are still down this morning. Frontier must be having a pretty serious problem to have been out for this long. It is going on twelve hours now, maybe more. I hate having to use my cell phone for everything I want to do, it is really a pain. But at least I have some option. I shouldn’t complain. I am really looking forward to the weekend, for once I don’t think that the Mrs. and I have much of anything scheduled at all. Tomorrow night we are having dinner with Art’s mom in Mt. Morris and that is about it. No plans at all. That is good because we still have tons to do around the house to get things in order. It is a lot better than it has been but it is still a mess and Min is going to want her computer to be put together and working as well and I can’t do that until the Internet access comes back up. Most people aren’t affected this much by the power going out!

This morning, Danielle and I are working in Dansville doing sales. We are expecting Dansville to be one of our best markets. It is an especially good target for us because it is one of the towns where we offer high speed broadband Internet access over SDSL. Most of our target areas we don’t get to offer SDSL as well so that is nice. A couple of SDSL customers would really help us out. It is amazing how inexpensive SDSL has gotten now. I remember when it was outrageous. Now it is only a little more than ADSL. In fact, if you don’t need to already have a phone line, SDSL is now cheaper. But the phone line is almost always needed so ADSL almost always wins out on price. But at least they are comptetitive.

I stopped by Arti and Danielle’s house after doing sales this morning because our Internet access was still not on and I needed a break for a little bit. So Arti and I played some AoE2 for about 45 minutes. When I got home, our Internet access had just come back on. What a relief. It is really frustrating for a person with my job to have to go a single day without being able to communicate effectively.

I finished getting Min’s new computer all assembled. Then I started installing Windows XP Pro on it. I really like this Shuttle XPC. The case is a bit hard to work on but it is so tiny that it is totally worth it. It is really attractive. I think that Min is really going like in instead of her old one.

Art came over this evening to work on a whole bunch of his computers and play some AoE2. We installed SuSE 8.2 on his old PIII-550. He is going to be using it as a file server and as a dial up server to dial into our network here at the Llama house. That went pretty quickly and smoothly. Then we played one game of Age of Empires 2. I wamped him again but he is getting better. He has beaten hard now, so he is getting the hang of it.

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