November 20, 2003

Thursday. Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers Extended Edition released today. So Min and I went out to Walmart (we took the puppy with us) to pick it up while it is on special. We watched about an hour through the first disc when we discovered that the disc was bad and wasn’t going to play all the way through. So we returned that DVD and got another. So we popped that one in and immediately it was bad too. So we ran back over to Walmart to return that one as well. The third one managed to play all the way through. I really appreciate the extended versions. I like them much better than the regular editions. There is so much story missing from the shorter versions. I think that it is really amazing that they are able to make the different editions with continuing story lines in each edition that continue through each of the seperate editions. We watched the movie and the documentaries. There are a ton of documentaries with the extended edition.

(Update from July, 2006: Apparently when I first wrote this post I had fallen a bit behind and had not mentioned that we were doggie-sitting the Tocco’s dog Dexter. Dexter considered us to be his second family and loved coming to stay with us.)

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