December 15, 2003

Just another Manic Monday. Snow storm today. Danielle and I had planned on doing sales today but the weather is bad so we decided against it. I spent the day working from home. I got a lot of work done for once. I installed a new Windows 2003 Small Business Server today. I have it set up as a second firewall for our commercial DSL line. We now have both of our DSL lines connected and hooked up to the network. It is nice to have the extra bandwidth and reliability now.

Andy was supposed to be flying into Buffalo this afternoon but he took too long driving in traffic in Puerto Rico and missed his flight. So he isn’t sure when he is going to be coming back home now.

This evening, Min and I went up to the city to get me some new shoes because my old ones are letting snow come into them through the soles. So it took us a while to get find anything that we really liked but we did eventually find something. We also went to PetsMart and got some presents for our little hamster. We did some other shopping and then stopped by Hollywood Video. We got Hollywood Homicide with Harrison Ford and Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant.

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