December 27, 2003

I have been working on the updates while I am out of town but I don’t have a reasonable way to upload so you are all currently waiting to see what is going on here. Sorry about that, not too much that I can do.

Today is Dominica’s mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was a relaxing day – not too much going on around here. I spent most of the day reading my new book “The Battle That Stopped Rome”, it is really good so far and I am already halfway through reading it already and we are still early in the day as I am writing this. I am writing and posting early today because I have the chance before we open presents and go out for dinner because Eric and Dad noticed that there is a problem with the email server and so I am looking into it trying to determine what is wrong. So while I am waiting for it to do something, I am updating today.

Francesca has taken up knitting now making her an official member of the family. She wants her own collection of hand knit socks and she isn’t going to get them if she doesn’t make them herself so she is learning.

It only took a couple of minutes to get the mail system working again. Must have been something that happened during the move. So if anyone hasn’t been getting mail from me for a little while (read: Bob), that is why. It takes about 3-5 days before we get notification that the mail wasn’t going through so we had no idea that no one was getting out mail. One of the joys of running a mail server and being away for days. I do have my cell phone on now too so I can be reached.

I have stuff going on tomorrow so I will be back home, probably before I post again. I expect to be heading out first thing in the morning, that way I get to sleep with my wife for one more night before I have to miss her for a few more days. Dad and I will probably be coming out for the day on the 30th to pick Min back up again.

For anyone that hasn’t heard yet, and everyone acts like they haven’t, the New Year’s Eve Party is at Min, Andy and my house this year. We had originally expected that it would be at Nate’s this year but many people from out East couldn’t make it this year and there are tons of people coming from our area so it works better to do it out our way this year. So, 7:30 on December 31st at the Llama House in Geneseo. Be there or just be a big fat looser. Your choice.

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