December 29, 2003

Today is my day off. Today is my day to relax. To really relax. Nothing to do today. I have the entire day off to do nothing at all. So I took advantage of it and just hung out at the house playing video games and watching movies.

Andy and I went to Wegman’s tonight and I found (Andy told me that he had found it there) DVD’s of the Canadian television show Once Upon A Hamster which is based on the older Tales of the Riverbank that I loved as a child. When my family used to go on vacations to Canada or New England, I used to watch this show whenever I could. It is really cute and adorable. Perfect for young children. So when I heard that the DVDs were there, I had to go get them. So I picked up all six DVDs of the show. It is live footage of critters like Hammy the Hamster who are filmed with voices dubbed over them. It is hilarious. In the US, it looks like they are marketing the shows as Hammy the Hamster even though that isn’t the show’s real name.

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