January 13, 2004

I accidentally slept in late this morning. Min got me up in time to sort of get ready before Danielle arrived. Actually, Danielle had to wait in her car for a little while because it didn’t look like anyone was awake in the house. I finally got ready (having to treat and dress my foot every morning doesn’t make getting ready any easier.) We were planning on doing sales in Naples today but we started in Hemlock and in Honeoye. By the time we were nearing finishing in Honeoye the weather took a turn for the worse. The snow really started blowing and we decided that being out doing sales was a bad idea so we turned around and headed back to Geneseo and pick up Dominica to go to lunch at the Omega Grill. I just had a tunafish sandwich since I am on a very strict diet now that we have gotten the results of my blood test from New Year’s Eve. Lunch was good and it was nice to have a break today.

After we got back, Dominica wanted to play some AoE2 so she and Andy teamed up against me. I won the first game but lost the second once they got they show a little more organized. After the games, the three of us headed over to dad’s to get some pizza. We hung out there this evening and played some foosball. Dad got a new table a week or two ago and this is the first that Min and Andy have seen the table.

Min had to go to work this evening. So Andy and I watched some Are You Being Served? He has been itching to see the later episodes on DVD.

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