January 15, 2004

Man is it cold today. All of the schools in the area were closed today.

Andy and I went to Tom Wahls in Avon for some lunch. We braved the cold. The roads were fine but it was so cold that we couldn’t keep our breathe from freezing on the windshield. After lunch, we headed up to Rochester to go to Borders. Andy bought a ton of books to take back to Puerto Rico with him. He got confirmation that he is going back on Monday and will be in PR until the first week in March. He is happy to be able to go down during the coldest time of the year. This week’s incredibly cold weather is making it easier for him to leave.

Since York cancelled school today, Jeremy came over to play some AoE2 with Min, Andy and I. We managed to get two games in and some pizza for dinner. Jeremy had to get back home because he might have school tomorrow. He is hoping that he doesn’t because it will mean a five day weekend.

Tonight is Min’s last day at work this week because she worked a day early this week. So, because of that, the game is back on tomorrow. Min has decided that she is going to play so we are able to have the game even though she isn’t working. It is going to be Andy’s last game for quite some time. Jeremy is going to be able to make it and Andy’s brother Tony is coming over for his first game. So that is five players before we even get started. So we might have a good game.

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