January 28, 2004

I was up very early this morning. 4:45 I managed to jump out of bed and get started on the day. That is the earliest that I can remember being up in a very long time. I was actually ready to go by 5:45! Cory and I were supposed to be driving down to Binghamton to do sales today. However, Cory didn’t wake up this morning until after eleven so we didn’t get to go. I am glad to have the day at home though.

I worked most of the day. My big accomplishment is that our corporate instant messaging system is finally up and running. I have been really trying to get that up soon. We think that it is going to be a major piece of our strategy with our clients giving them a good way to communicate internally, with each other and with us. This is my first time working with an IM server so I had a lot to learn to get this all set up.

The weather wasn’t too bad today but dad got snowed into the house and couldn’t leave. Eric came down this afternoon so that we could go to the Livingston County Chamber of Commerce “Business After Hours” meeting this afternoon. This was Eric’s first time at a chamber event. This time the event was held at Livingston Health Services just up the road. It was very handy. We had a good time. We made good contacts and they had good food as well.

Eric and Amanda came over for dinner this evening. Min cooked up some vegetable korma (thank goodness for our cookbook collection.) She also made chocolate bread and butter pudding which was really good.

Min and I watched some Father Ted before she went off to work. I stayed up and watched Ranma 1/2 which is a really good anime series. Luckily we have it both subbed and dubbed so that I can watch it while I work on the computer.

I had to work on Ithaca Portal because so many restaurants and things have closed up in Ithaca recently. Not only do restaurants close, but tons of websites just fold up and disappear. I have no idea how this happens so regulary but it sure does.

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