January 6, 2004

My task today is to get the dining room chairs from the store. We ordered them in October and they came in in late November but we didn’t get around to picking them up until today. Min and I drove up to Rochester and met Phil for some lunch at Friendlys. Then Min went clothing shopping with her Christmas gift money while Phil and I took care of the chairs. When Phil and I got down to the house, we played a couple of rounds of AoE2. Later on, Andy joined us for a game and then Min joined us for two four player games. Min and I finally got a chance to play on a team again. It has been years. We had a really good time. During the afternoon, Min watched The Godfather III. She didn’t quite get a chance to finish it yet. She got hooked on the series yesterday and is obsessed with finishing it now.

We decided that today would be a fairly relaxing day. Andy took everyone (except Phil) out to dinner at Belladessa’s down the street. Then we came home and watched some Father Ted. Miranda say FT for the first time last night.

Min has an interview in the morning so wish her good luck. I am going to the foot doctor again midday tomorrow. I think it is just for a checkup but I am not really sure. I don’t pay very close attention to these things. I am posting early tonight because I am being lazy.

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