January 9, 2004

Friday finally. The end of the week. The first real business week of the year is finally over. I spent most of the day working on getting our new firewall up and running. Our email is now coming form behind the new machine. So if anyone noticed a little blip in the service today, that is why.

Min and I went to the Omega Grill for our regular Friday night Fish Fry. Then we decided to stay in and just watch some DVDs. Miranda got Andy BBC’s The Office and Min has been dying to watch it so we watching about five episodes before she had to head off to work. Normally the game is on tonight but it was a bad week for everybody so we decided against it. Next week, Min is hoping that we play on Thursday night instead of Friday. After Min left, I watched the classic Batteries Not Included while Andy and Miranda played the new Simpsons computer game.

After that, I went back to work. We now have our email being hosted from behind a new firewall. I finally got that all set late tonight. And now it works great. I also moved tons of wedding pics up to the server tonight. I don’t have any references to them yet but that is the next step. I uploaded about 200 pics or so at really high quality so they take forever to download. I will try to get thumbnail pages put together sooner than later but we will see. We all know how lazy I am. I also moved the rest of December to the archives and have finished up the 2003 archives. Another year finished up and packed away.

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