February 20, 2004

Tonight is the big game. Eight players, two teams and ten hours of AoE2! Whoo-hoo. The players and some of their women are getting food at the Omega Grill at 5:30 before the real games begin. It is going to be a really big night. We are borrowing fast computers from Nate and my dad so that we have enough fast computers for everyone. It should be a lot of fun. Min is able to play tonight because her boss is out of town and her schedule at work got changed so she had last night and tonight off. She is really excited about a whole week off from the Conesus Lake Hotel.

Min and I didn’t get to bed until 4:30 in the morning because Min had been up working the last several night and wasn’t tired until then. So she was up doing some knitting and I worked on a computer for Linda, our neighbor. We got to bed and just two hours later at 6:30, the phone rang. Dalton Elementary wanted Min to come in and sub for them. So she got out of bed on just two hours of sleep and got ready and headed down to Dalton. It is her very first day of subbing and she is getting to do elementary special ed on just two hours of sleep!

I caught another mouse down in the basement this morning. This mouse was smart and actually managed to hide the mouse trap on me. He moved the trap underneath a desk. It was really weird coming down to check the trap and having it missing. It took me a few minutes to figure out where it had gone to.

I did my STAR Exemption paperwork this morning and go them into the town assessor’s office. That should reduce my taxes next year by as much as $1,000. That is pretty cool. I am happy about that. I have heard a rumor that my Energy Star will get me another $500. Cory Weiss stopped by this morning and drove me around to take care of my errands and then we grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald’s. I have to keep my strength up for the game tonight. Andy was still sleeping when we got back.

Josh, Joanna, Jeremy, Min and I went out to the Omega Grill for some dinner before the game. Andy and Tony had dinner in Avon. Everyone but Art was at the house and ready to play by 8:00. We had seven players and ended up going very late, until 6:30 am!! Boy were we all exausted by the time we were done.

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