February 6, 2004

Today is the big game. We skipped the Friday night game last week so everyone is really looking forward to it this week. I worked at home during the day. Just the usual. Andy and I went out to Aunt Cookies for some lunch and did a little shopping at Walmart and Wegmans. I had to pick up some earplugs because the sound of all of the computers in the basement is really getting bad. There are eight computers right around my desk that run all of the time and it is way past the OSHA safe sound limits. I have been getting terrible headaches from being down in the office and I have been having problems with my eyes recently that might be connected to it. So I got some earplugs and gave them a try. They seem to be working wonderfully. I can barely hear a thing when I am downstairs but I see the phone ring (it lights up) so that isn’t a big deal.

Min slept for a little while, about four hours. Then she did some work and watching movied this afternoon. She finished watching Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India which we almost got to finish last night.

Jeremy was the first one over for the game tonight. He came over just before six. Andy had to run up to the city to send back that stolen software that was sent to him and then he went to his parent’s house to visit for a little while then he and Tony came down after that. Phil and Kate came over and Josh. Art was the last one over at 9:20 or so. We got set up and the games began. Min and Kate watched DVDs while we played. Min had to go to work tonight so she didn’t join in for a game. The first game was the big one, 3×4. Josh, Phil and I vs. Art, Andy, Tony and Jeremy. Unfortunately for Andy, Josh and I found him first and he was out of the game in twenty minutes or so. Then it was 3×3 and eventually we took them. After that, Phil and Kate had to get home so they took off and we reorganized teams. Then we played two games of Art, Jeremy and I vs. Tony, Andy and Josh. My team won both of those games making me the only person to win all three games and Phil and I to tbe the only two players to not lose a game all evening. We had a good time and wrapped up around 3:30. So it wasn’t nearly as late as it could have been.

Everyone had a lot of fun playing with my Smart Mass. I have had it for a while, since a year ago Christmas, but apparently no one has had a chance to see it yet.

I wanted to go out and get some food after the game but I forgot that I don’t have a car right now. That kind of sucks. Hopefully I will be getting it back sooner or later. John Holtz has had my car for over a week now! Just for the stupid tires.

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