March 20, 2004

Min got home from work and got two hours of sleep before we got up to drive the puppy back to be with is parents. We drove out to the Weedsport Thruway exit and met them there. Then we went into Auburn to get some lunch before heading back home without our dog 🙁 It is sad to have a dog and then not to have one. The house and the car already seem very empty. But, Mr. Humphreys has been very upset that Dexter was in the house so he will be very relieved.

We went shopping at the outlet mall in Waterloo on our way home. We were hoping to find some plates and stuff to replace some broken and missing ones that we have but didn’t manage to get anywhere with that. We did find a really nice set of Christmas settings that we got on sale really inexpensively that is really nice. Min was very excited. Then we went up to Henrietta and did some shopping at Kitchens Etc. because Min is trying to find a nice tea set. But we have been looking everywhere and can’t find anything that we like at all.

We got home and felt that we needed something new to watch so we popped over to our local Walmart and picked up A Few Good Men, The Birdcage and Le Divorce. I had never seen The Birdcage before even though I have seen the original in French a couple of times. Min loves the movie so we got it and it is really funny. Robin Williams is always great and Hank Azaria is one of the funniest people ever. This has to be his best role, even better than The Simpson (as you know, he is THE Simpsons – he is the voice of just about everyone on the show.) After that we watched Le Divorve with Kate Hudson. It was okay but not the awesome movie that we had been expecting. It is a change from the usual but nothing outstanding. Worth borrowing but I wouldn’t suggest buying it. No special features on the disc either. Kind of strange these days.

Andy is coming home on Tuesday night and will be here on Wednesday while I am out of town working in Ithaca and then he is flying back to Puerto Rico on Thursday. He thinks that he will be coming back to New York early on in May. We will see what happens.

I have been playing Advance Wars on the GBA and I am really starting to like it. It is a turn based strategy game which doesn’t really do it for me but it is hard to do anything real time on a handheld machine so I think it is about the best that they can do. I have seen AoE ported to a handheld but I doubt that it works very well and it sure wouldn’t run on the GBA. Newer handhelds like the HP iPaq, Dell Axim and Sharp Zaurus have four times the processing power of the GBA and that really makes a difference. But Advance Wars is really nice and easy to use. They made the interface work really well and it does a good job at scaling to the tiny screen. I am interested to see how good the sequel is. The nice thing about Advance Wars is that it allows you to play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 players using either a single GBA or one GBA per player. That makes it really flexible in a number of multi-player configurations. Because it is turn based, it is really easy to just hand a single GBA around.

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