April 2, 2004

Finally the week is over. I have been looking forward to this all week. I am exhausted. I had to get some orders out today. I also managed to get an order off for my new computer. I have been looking forward to getting one for some time. I ordered an Athlon 64. I am very excited about moving into a 64 bit processor. The new machine will be quite a bit faster than the current one. I need the extra hoursepower for the Virtual PC applications that I run. I needed more memory too so I am moving up to a full gigabyte. I am moving the new parts into my current case so that I have the abililty to expand with lots of harddrives in the future. I am a big beliver in tons of harddrives. I should have the new computer at the end of next week.

The game is on tonight so I am going to post early. I have been needing a good game for a while now. This evening Min is cooking dinner before the game, Indian.

Tomorrow night is the Ithaca High School musical so Min and I are planning on heading on down to Ithaca to see it. We really haven’t been down to visit Ithaca in a while so it will be nice.

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