April 8, 2004

Busy day today. I was up at a good time this morning. Got straight to work. Tomorrow is a holiday so I have to get work done today (actually I didn’t realize that but Cory reminded me.)

I had a morning meeting with one of the yellow page publishing companies, the one that does the book for Livingston County. We were hoping to do a really big ad but we thought about it and there just aren’t enough potential clients in the area to justify it. So we decided on just putting in a couple of line items. At least people can look us up if they need us.

I was supposed to meet Cory to do some work but I was running late from my morning meeting and missed him. Ended up being a good thing, though, because the day was very busy. The phone never quit ringing all day. But it was mostly good. New orders, new potential projects.

Today I put in a lot of effort into switching the house network over to running exclusively off of the commercial SDSL line instead of the consumer ADSL line. We need to save the money. We all love having two Internet access lines in the house with totally insane speeds and two ways to connect to everything but spending the extra money just isn’t worth it. I really wish that we could keep the extra line, I am really bummed about it. It is also going to be better not having to have a second firewall/web cache running all of the time taking up space, power, a machine and a desk. So it has to be done.

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