May 10, 2004

It is a warm day today. Mid 80’s!! It is like a heat wave. Only in New York can it be so cold for so long and then so hot all of a sudden.

I worked around the house most of the day and so did Min. There is almost no chance of substitute being needed for the rest of the teaching year so she is likely to be home Mondays and Tuesdays now.

Andy got in from Canada this afternoon. We were pretty surprised to see him, we didn’t think that would be seeing him until at least tomorrow.

This afternoon we decided that we really needed to get a new deck furniture set. The bar that we have had out there is great but it just doesn’t suit our needs. It is way to large is the biggest problem. The deck is pretty small and just doesn’t have room for something like that. We had been wanting to replace it for a while but the robins built a nest in it a few weeks ago and we had been waiting for the eggs to hatch and the babies to grow up and leave before we moved it. But this morning, Min went out to check on the nest and found that some animal had gotten into it and destroyed it and eaten the eggs. That was sad but at least it meant that we got to move the bar into the garage finally. So then we went to Walmart and found the deck set that we liked and picked it up. The matching umbrella was nowhere to be found so I had to drive out to Batavia to get it. While I was out, Min assembled the set so that it was ready for me.

Ok, no sooner do I mention Min not subbing than we get a call for her to sub for tomorrow. So she is going to Keshequa tomorrow. Good deal.

So we got the deck furniture put together and now I am sitting out on the deck at almost 1:00 am in the almost total darkness (since the insane New York wind keeps blowing out the torches) writing the SGL updates. But boy is it cool. I wish that I could do something about the wind though. You don’t realize how used to the wind you are until you think that it is a really calm night and the torches blow out continuously. In Maryland, this would be considered a tropical storm or something.

Speaking of Maryland, the plan is that I am going to be heading down south a week from today to work in DC. I will be in and out of DC for around a month or more. It should be pretty crazy but with all of the school work that I need to get done, it should work out pretty well. I will be forced to sit in either the office or in a hotel room without a whole heck of a lot to do other than to do my homework and to get the SGL updates taken care of. Normally when I am in DC, I am out of touch in the hotel but I have ordered my new Verizon wireless broadband Internet access now so I should have it in the middle of this week. I am very excited. I will be online ALL of the time while I am out of town now. I will be able to get unprecedented amounts of work done. I will never have to watch crappy television in a hotel room again just because I am bored but can’t handle being in the office any longer. I am very excited.

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