May 8, 2004

Min and I are heading out to Frankfort later today. We slept in late (Min says that it is my fault for being up so late playing the game last night.) Then we hit the Omega Grill for lunch which was really dumb because today was Geneseo’s graduation and the place was totally packed. So that took a lot longer than we had hoped that it would. But we were killing some time because we needed to pick up some medicine from Wegmans that needed to be prepared. So it worked out alright.

We got to Utica around 5:30 but ended up not getting to Min’s parent’s house until more like 7:00. We did some shopping at Barnes and Nobles and I found a great new book there (Windows Server Hacks) and we also went to AC Moore because they have lots of cheap yarn for Min. Then as we were heading back we noticed a new restaurant out on Oriskany called Chips Fish Fry. Well, we couldn’t pass that up so we turned around and went back. It is in the old Arthor Treacher’s Fish and Chips building (which is very sad because I have been wanting to eat at one of those for so many years now I can’t even tell you – I used to eat at one of them all of the time when I was quite young and they still had one open in Batavia.) So we got the fish fry dinners. Now, keeping in mind that this is breaded fish and I normally only like beer battered, this was one of the best fish frys I have ever had. It was really amazing. The place is a new place owned by the guys who own Zebbs. Let me tell you, Zebbs is one of the few things that makes me miss eating meat. The Crooked Board is another (honey BBQ wings!!)

Min’s parents were at a wedding at the casino so we watched The Italian Job and Kill Bill while they were gone. Kill Bill was good but we didn’t think that it was anything really amazing. We both enjoyed it but I think that it is really over-hyped. But I did really end up liking The Italian Job, I was very happy with it. Of course, I have a thing for Mini Coopers 😉

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