June 14, 2004

Today is going to be a crappy day. I got woken up by housekeeping wanting to double check that I didn’t want to be distrurbed. Yeah, thanks for making sure. Then I had to get moving and get my butt into the hospital for the manager’s meeting. Of course, once I was in the car and on my way in I found out that the meeting was cancelled because everyone failed to communicate with each other about it. Imagine that, communications problems. Here is DC! Also on my way in I find out that Eric’s new laptop that he had just gotten from Min on Friday is dead. We can only guess that the power supply at the hospital is bad and it is frying out equipment. Just my luck. Losing the first laptop was only so bad, it was really old and in terrible shape. But this was one of the good ones, one of the fastest ones in the company. It was the one that I had been using for a really long time. Now we are really short on laptops. He is going to drop it off with Andy tonight to see if Andy can figure out what is wrong with it. I don’t want it to get shipped down here because the last one that got shipped down here didn’t fare so well during the trip.

So I spent the afternoon in the office dealing with this, that and the other. It is a bit more difficult getting everything done down here that needs to be done because I really rely on Eric being able to work from Rochester and to look at the cameras and the reports and everything. He thinks that he might be able to borrow a desktop computer from the hospital to get us by for a little while so that might really help if he ends up being able to do that.

I ended up putting in more time that I had intended but was back to the hotel at 5:00.

I worked in the hotel for a while. Around 9:30 I decided that I needed a break so I went out for my evening walk. I thought that I would head over towards that Bowie Town Square that I had seen the other day to prove that it was just a short walk away from the hotel. It only took about twenty minutes to get over to the shopping center. I was disappointed, though, that there wasn’t sidewalk the entire way. For a stretch I had to walk on the grass on the side of a rather large road. That doesn’t make it so appealing to walk that way. I got to the square and walk all around. There are tons of store there that will be really handy for me now that I know they are there like Verizon, Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles and a grocery store. Those are all things that I need from time to time. It was a really pleasant night so I walked for quite a while. On my way back I discovered that there was a sidewalk on the other side of the road and that if I had just walked over there I would only have walked in the grass for a minute. So that is good, now that I know how it works, it will be easier for me to get there. There are lots of restaurants there too so that is really handy.

I called Phil and talked with him for a while and didn’t end up going back up to my hotel room until midnight. I did some more work and headed off to bed. It is going to be a long day tomorrow.

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