June 23, 2004

Congratulations to Eric and Amanda who had their baby this morning. Julia Elisabeth Millen was born this morning without too much ado. Eric called us in Frankfort around 10:30 to let us know that everything was going okay.

Not much news to report while I am out in Frankfort. I am around the house most of the day and am working on quite a bit of homework and reading that I need to catch up on.

Today we travelled out to Gilbert State Park that is about an hour south of Frankfort. It is a small state park built around a man made lake made during the depression years. It was a nice day for hanging out by the lake (I am not sure the exact difference between a lake and a pond but I think this was mislabeled – or at least it should be qualified as on Ohio Lake. New Yorkers tend to think of lakes as being pretty large.) I got a lot of reading down out there and Min and I managed to get over a mile of walking in on the trails.

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