June 6, 2004

Another long day of driving for me. I am on my way back to Washington again today. I slept in really late because we got in so late last night. I really needed the sleep. I got up and did a couple of things around the house and hung out with Andy for a little bit. I got the car packed (which is getting easier and easier now that I am not unpacking from the trips but just doing laundry and throwing things back into the hampers) and I got on the road around 3:30. I had called Min at work earlier and she has nothing going on this afternoon so she drove down to Big Flats and met me at Barnes and Nobles. We met around 5:15 and did some shopping and then went over to Red Lobster to get some dinner. It was nice to get a last chance to see my wife before leaving for twelve days.

I didn’t manage to leave New York until after 7:00 which makes for a long evening and night of driving. I like it best when I drive and can arrive no later than 11:00 but that isn’t happening today. Since I was coming from Big Flats, I took the scenic route down through Elmira and Mark Twain country on route 14. It takes longer that way but the drive is interesting. I love seeing all the little towns. I was able to borrow a book about Benjamin Franklin from my grandmother two days ago and so I listened to that the entire way down. It is really interesting. I have been learning all kinds of American history recently. Pretty soon I will have managed to make up for all of the lack of American history that I didn’t have previously. I am also excited that Min and I found a new series of CDs from Barnes and Nobles that is important college class lectures on CD. How cool is that? They aren’t very expensive either. I am planning on trying some of those out soon. Almost all of them look pretty interesting. They are about ten hours of audio for $40 which isn’t bad at all, very comparable to regular non-fiction books on CD.

I arrived in Bowie, MD around 1:30am. I was pretty tired. I set up shop to check out the state of the world before going to bed and ended up having to call Andy to help fix a server that has been having issues. Some of our regular readers will probably notice that we have been down from time to time. We are ordering new hardware to, hopefully, eliminate this issue but only time will tell. I was glad when I finally got to bed.

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