September 23, 2004

Dad came over this morning and installed our chandelier that has been sitting in the dining room for a month or two now. We are really excited to have it up both because it looks a million times better than the old one but also because it is a lot more practical for us. The old one was really low and had five forty watt light bulbs that shown right down on your head and it was way too bright and way too hot to really use at all. The new one uses four bulbs that shine up to the ceiling and we were able to put florescents in them so we are using only sixteen watts for the entire fixture now. That was the last major bastion on incadescent lighting left in the house. Andy’s bedroom still has one, our bedroom still has one, the basement has one halogen that is almost never used and the laundry room has them. I think that is all. The florescents cost so much less than the regular bulbs and I think that they look a ton nicer. I hate incadenscent lighting, it makes me feel icky. And they give off way too much heat for me, I can always feel it. Anyway, the new chandelier looks really awesome and it ended up matching our ceiling fan in the dining room really well, it matches better than the original lights. So that is a big bonus. It does wonders for making the kitchen look nice and feel more usable.

Min and I did some cleaning today, her parents are spending the weekend here so we want the house to look nice. It is good that they are coming because it forces us to do some much needed cleaning. The house is so much dirty as it is just incredibly cluttered. The dining room is full of equipment that I needed for a job that I was working on and I need to get packed back up and shipped back out to them.

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