October 21, 2004

Two more days before I head out to Albany. Boy are things getting close. There is so much that has to be done between now and then. I got my reservations made for this coming week. I will be staying at the Fairfield Inn Downtown Albany. So if anyone needs to reach me, I will be at…

1383 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12206
Phone: 1-518-435-1800

I am paying extra to stay at a nicer place so that I have good Internet access. Albany is a small town and there aren’t very many places to stay there. And not living there makes it extra difficult. So you have to go with what you know sometimes. But that should make things easier. I should be checking into the hotel on Sunday afternoon or early evening. I plan to be out there kind of early so that I will have time to get a good night’s sleep and to have time to look around a little bit since I don’t know town at all. Dominica is planning on coming out on Amtrak on Wednesday. If things work out well, then I will be returning by train with Min on Friday evening because the western fares are super cheap right now and we would be crazy to drive if we can avoid it.

Mr. Humphries has been awake all day. He hasn’t been running around but he has been an insomniac or something. Everytime we go past his cage he has his eyes open and is doing something. He is running around the house like a tiny lunatic right now while I am writing the daily. He just loves his new red ball. Dominica is down in the basement enjoying the theatre watching The Simpsons Season Four that she is borrowing from Andy. Speaking of DVDs, we have accounted for all but two movies at this point. So if anyone knows where Johnny English and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are, then let us know. Other than that, we have managed not to lose any. Whoo-hoo.

We went to breakfast with dad this morning. We would have been ready on time but Min’s glasses broke just before we left the house and she had to try to get her contacts in first thing in the morning which doesn’t work very well. And she wasn’t able to find her backup glasses so she was in tough shape. She finally got her contacts in and we went out to Denny’s for breakfast.

After breakfast, dad ran some PVC conduit in the basement for me to run some wiring through tomorrow. I am hoping to get a fax server up and running before I leave so that I will have access to faxes and stuff while I am out of town. That sure would be handy. Being gone for so long is going to be really tough logistically just to keep things working around here.

Before I forget, Tony West is performing in the Avon High School play tomorrow evening and Sunday afternoon. I think that the show is at 7:30 tomorrow. Andy is planning on going and Min and I are going to try to make it. But with everything that is going on, the chances aren’t very good for that.

After getting some work done around here, Min and I headed up to the city to deal with her glasses. We went to lens crafters and had her see the eye doctor there. She got new frames because the old ones they weren’t willing to work with. That might be for the better because the new ones that she got are much more likely to be able to hold up to the massive levels of abuse that she dishes out for them. After the exam we went over to the food court to get some dinner. Min had her eyes dialated and so she couldn’t see to get around at all. I hit Wahl’s and she went to Subway. After dinner we went back to pick up her glasses. I ran over to Target to return a DVD that doesn’t play while she was having her glasses fitted. I also picked up A Cinderella Story which, of course, when we got it home didn’t play either. It has been one of those weeks.

I got to work doing some homework and Min watched A Cinderella Story and Jackie Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy which is one of my favorites. She had never seen it before and Andy and I could hear her laughing hysterically all over the house. All of the movies that we have had for a while and know are good are still playing fine. Which is good because sometimes we worry that we are having problems with our DVD player. But it looks like we just have to make another trip back to Target tomorrow. What a pain. I am hoping to take A Cinderella Story with me out to Albany so that I will have something new to watch.

After all of that, I am just writing some dailies and hitting the books. I have tons of Project Management homework to be doing but I needed a break and needed to get an update posted. Hopefully being out of town will make me write a lot more. But I am only going to be alone for three nights so that isn’t very likely. If we are really lucky, we will manage to find an apartment this week. Boy wouldn’t that be nice?

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