November 14, 2004

Sorry about the severe lack of postings recently. Things have been so busy that I just haven’t been able to make the site a priority. At least I am still getting to it about once a week.

I didn’t get a chance to get to bed until 9:00 or so this morning so much of the day was shot. Min got home around 8:00 and she ran over to dad’s house to drop something off there since we aren’t going to make it to church today. She got back and went to bed and I went shortly thereafter. While she was gone I finally got the email server working to some extent and felt good enough to be able to get to bed.

I got up around 2:00. Nothing like an invigorating five hours of sleep. Whoo-hoo. Time to get back to work trying to get everything back online and working again. There is no end to how many things haven’t been working. I can’t wait until we get some of this stuff wrapped up and out of the way.

I didn’t even end up leaving the house once today. But that is probably for the best since there is just so much work to do. Min got up around 6:00 and then she went out to Wegmans and did some shopping. She wasn’t gone too long then she came home and cooked dinner at home. Veggie BLT’s and tomato soup and stuffing, yum. It was our first meal cooked at home in probably two months. Ever since we got the grain moths we haven’t been able to have good at home. That has sucked.

Min had a schedule change and didn’t have to work this afternoon. She still has to work tonight but since she worked last night, she had the day off. Which is good because she slept through half of what would have been the next shift.

I still have a ton of work to do to get our email system back up and running smoothly so I will be exhausted again tomorrow. I am wrapping things up now, it is after 1:00am and I will probably be up for a while yet. Boy am I tired.

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