December 19, 2004

Well, today turned out to be a pretty exciting day. Min and I could barely pull ourselves out of bed this morning but we had no choice since both of us has tons of work to do at home tonight. Min is working her usual Sunday double shift at the hotel and I have to get a number of computers ready because I am doing installs at two different clients tomorrow. What a long day that is going to end up being.

Min and I were hoping to be able to have breakfast with John and Michelle this morning but that wasn’t going to happen. Min and I would barely get up when we did and we had no time to spare. It is a long drive from Maryland to Rochester and the weather was suppost to be pretty brutal all day. It is exactly zero farenheit here in Geneseo as I write this. Boy is it cold.

We were doing okay, we even managed to stop early on in Pennsylvania to get a late breakfast or early lunch out on the road. We also managed to listen to Lemoney Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book the First on CD. That was pretty good, I haven’t heard any of the books before and I wanted to be sure that I knew the books before going to see the movie. Although I am interested in how they are going to make the movie because the book doesn’t read like the type of book that would make a good movie. But Tim Curry reads the book which really adds something to it.

As we were driving through north central Pennsylvania near Mansfield (Tioga County), we came across a dog on a bridge on the highway. The dog was eating snow and was in the fast lane in bad weather. We were sure that the dog was only going to be able to survive another couple of minutes where it was and there wasn’t a lot of chance of it managing to get off of the bridge. So we decided that we had to do something so I ran out into the road and stopped on-coming traffic and I ran over to the dog, who was very happy to see someone, and I lead him back to the car. He jumped right into the car and settled into the back seat. He was as calm as could be but had obviously been outside for some time. We drove him over to the state police station which was just a couple of miles away and we turned in a report on him. But his dog tag was too new (can you believe that) so they were not able to look up his records to see who he belonged too.) In case anyone is doing a search for his, he is a husky mix, probably less than 1 year old and we found him on Rt. 15 just south of Exit 23 in Pennsylvania. His tag is #0095 for 2005 for Tioga County. So the police said that we could take him to the SPCA but we didn’t think that that was a very good option. He is a really sweet dog and we wanted to be absolutely sure that he was going to be safe and well taken care of. So, we decided that the best thing to do would be to bring him home with us and take care of him until someone contacted either the SPCA or the police trying to find him. We left a description with the police and all of the info that they need to get a hold of us and I contact the SPCA this evening just to let them know what is going on. So, if anyone is looking for him, they should be able to find him easily. And if no one comes looking for him, then we will rest assured that he is well looked after. So we drove him home with us.

So this evening was interesting, taking care of a dog that we know nothing about. We had gone to Walmart while we were still in Pennsylvania to get him food and water. He had obviously been outside for some time because he was really hungry and thirsty. Poor puppy. He isn’t very old, maybe one year. He was great in the car the entire way back here. He just put his head between Min and I. He seemed very happy to have someone looking after him.

Min was very late getting to work this evening but they understood because the dog needed us. I had tons of work to do in the basement so I did what I could while looking after the dog. So far he has been really great. Luckily he is house broken and very polite. But he is a big dog and quite a bundle of energy when he gets outside. Which probably explains why we found him where we did.

Eventually the dog settled down in my bedroom sleeping against the bed. It is very cute.

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