January 12, 2005

Andy ordered his new Macintosh last night before going to bed. It is due to arrive around January 22nd. That is really cool – I can’t wait to see it and give it a try.

I had to get up this morning for a conference call with Dell and Wegmans. I had the same call yesterday but no one got on the call so it was just me and one other engineer chatting for a while. Today, only the Dell team got on the phone so it was another wasted call. They are trying to reschedule again but I don’t know when they will be able to do that.

I had a lunch meeting up at the King and I in Brighton today. I am getting all kinds of good food this week.

I came home and did some work around the house (not work for the house, just work from the house.) Then at 4:30, my CPAP finally arrived. Oh boy am I excited. I have been SO looking forward to this for so long. You have no idea how badly I want to get some good sleep. The guy, Nick, who dropped it off walked me through how to use the machine. I got a pretty nice machine, it is small and quiet and has a lot of features for what it is. It even comes with a heated humidifier unit. It is a C-FLEX machine that can function differently than a regular CPAP allowing it to actually assist your breathing – like halfway to a BiPAP.

Min wanted to do some yarn shopping so she, Andy and I went up to Henrietta to have some dinner at Perkins. Then Min did some yarn shopping and Andy and I ran over to Walmart to pick up some movies. He got Con Air and Min had me pick up Sex and the City: Season 5 for her because she just finished 4 (I am still only half way through three!)

We got back and I decided to hit the hay because I was really tired. And I really wanted to try out the machine. It took me half an hour or so to get it all set up and ready to go. So it was pretty close to 10:00 by the time I finally actually laid down to get some sleep.

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