January 14, 2005

Another busy day for me. This week was supposed to be my week to relax but instead it has been super busy with meetings almost every day. Today, my meeting was out in Orchard Park with a communications company out in Buffalo. The meeting was supposed to be at 12:30, which meant that I had to leave by 11:00 or so, but I was putting out fires and didn’t get out the door until the very last minute and then realized that I didn’t have any gas so I had to stop and get that too. I ended up being about twenty minutes late but called just before 12:30 and got the guy I was meeting with at his office, 30-40 minutes away from where we were meeting. So I didn’t feel bad. In fact, I would have been really bored had I been on time. As it was, I had to wait for him for about fifteen minutes. We met at a nice little Italian place near Ralph Wilson stadium and ended up meeting for about three hours. I think that the meeting went pretty well. We covered a lot of ground and have some projects that we want to work on together.

Min slept in really late again as she has become accustomed to. She was still asleep for a while after I had left. I did some work after I got back home but there wasn’t too much that I had to deal with since it was already after 5:00. The weather was perfect for driving today, though, the snow was on everything and looked beautiful but the roads were nice and clear. It was the perfect day to have to have driven out to Buffalo.

We went out to McDonald’s for some dinner. They are starting to know us there and we almost don’t have to place an order anymore. Of course, in Maryland, they already know me far better than they do up here and the McDonald’s there is far busier. After dinner, we went over to Walmart because Min wanted to get some movies to watch tonight. So we did a little shopping. We got some decent stuff like Sex and the City: Season Six Part One, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Bonfire of the Vanities, The Golden Child, For Love of the Game and Bubba Ho-Tep. We also found some seating stuff that we wanted for the basement and picked up some canvas bean-filled ottomans and another folding circular chair like the other one that we got and liked so much. They also have love seats to match the chairs that we have. Although I sat in one and have no idea how two people would ever manage to fit into one.

We came back home and watched Bubba Ho-Tep. Yes, it is about exactly what you think – an aged Elvis Presley in a fight against a resurrected Egyptian mummy in a nursing home in West Texas. What more could someone ask for? The best part is that the movie stars Bruce Campbell!! But no, Sam Raimi did not direct. It wasn’t a very good movie. It was okay, it had its high points. Mostly it was really weak. We knew that it would be but there was no way to resist a new Bruce Campbell movie. After watching that, we switched a some light BBC and watched the final episode of A Fine Romance. It had a really weak ending, we thought. We couldn’t believe that they had decided to end the series there but I guess the real question would have been “Where could they have gone from here?” The show had gone on for three seasons and hadn’t progressed very far in all that time. It was a pretty decent series but it didn’t have the staying power to keep going on. That is the nice thing about shows from the BBC, they seem to know when to end them far better than we do. So often American television shows decend into the abyss as they attempt to make money long after the writers have run out of ideas and the only people watching the show are the religiously faithful. Look at all the famous American shows like Cheers, Laverne and Shirley, Who’s the Boss, Growing Pains, Friends, Buffy, etc., etc. None of these shows were able to hold it together in their last few seasons and completely lost direction.

I am still adjusting to the CPAP so I needed to get to bed a little on the early side. I didn’t quite make it to bed because the hamster was looking for me and wanted some attention so I played with him for a little while and then put him in his ball to terrorize Andy and went off to bed. Min stayed up for a while watching The Bonfire of the Vantities which she has never seen. We did own that movie before just on laserdisc.

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