January 17, 2005

Today ended up being a long and boring day, but I was expecting that for the most part. I slept in a little and then packed and get everything ready to go. I didn’t take my laptop with me because it just wasn’t going to be practical to be lugging that thing around for two days without hardly a place to even think about using it. I am pretty much getting myself back to Geneseo as quickly as possible.

Dad picked me up and we went to Mel’s Diner for some lunch on our way to the city. Then dad dropped me off at the airport around 1:00. Plenty of time to make a flight in Rochester. It never takes more than twenty minutes to get from the front doors to the terminal waiting area. I got myself checked in and went through all of the extensive security checks that I always get selected for and made myself comfortable waiting for the plane. I brought some books and magazines with me so I read a bunch while I was waiting. The plane was delayed because of the bad weather. It is bitter cold and the airport is in a spot of pretty low visibility.

The plane got off the ground around 2:40, just half an hour late. Better than all of the poor people waiting to go to Orlando who were supposed to have left around noon and were still waiting to see the plane that they were supposed to be boarding. The flight was quick and uneventful. I ordered a bloody mary and they forgot to charge me for it. That was nice. I don’t think that drinks are free but maybe they are. Maybe they were free because we were running late.

I arrived in Baltimore around 3:45 and checked my cell phone. John had forgotten that I was coming into town and wasn’t able to pick me up for a while. So I got to spend the afternoon in the airport hanging out. I got some food and moved to an area near the baggage claim that had some nice seats but I could still get outside quickly and plopped down and did some reading. I got quite a bit of reading done while I was there. John came by to get me around 7:00.

We went over to Blockbuster Video and John rented Shaun of the Dead and I picked up a few new movies. It is a long story but I ended up with How to Deal with Fires, Big Girls Don’t Cry (both German films) Gothika and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So the collection just keeps growing and growing. Min used to have Grail but it disappeared some years ago and we have been without it ever since.

We headed back on over to John’s house and Michelle made grilled cheese sandwiches and we all watched Shaun of the Dead. That movie is hilarious. It is really good, everyone should watch it. I didn’t stay up long after the movie because I had to get up pretty early in the morning and it is going to be a long day tomorrow.

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