January 19, 2005

Everyday has new exciting things happening around here. I slept in and figured that I would have some time before we had to deal with the computers. Nope. Igor, the drive that I had hired, had picked them up at 5:00am and was almost to dad’s. Wow did he make good time. So I jumped in the car and drove on over there. Igor brought a 25′ box truck with a lift gate. We needed the lift because we had no way to possibly move any of those machines without it. Good thing that I had hired a mover, because it turned out that there were TEN units instead of nine. Holy cow. There is SO much computer to be moved. It is unbelievable. We got the stuff off of Igor’s truck in no time and then he backed his truck up to ours and loaded all of our stuff onto the liftgate and we moved that into the garage as well. We are putting everything into the garage because we just don’t have anywhere else to put it right now. We were expecting only 1/5 of all of this stuff so we weren’t prepared at all.

After getting everything unloaded, dad and I drove to the city to get some food and to drop off the truck. Otherwise someone will have to deal with it tomorrow. We got the truck dropped off by the airport and then headed over to do some banking that dad needed to get done and then we hit Bill Gray’s for lunch. That was good. Then we had to swing by the hotel to pick up a form for Min and then back to my place. Quite a busy day already and it hasn’t even started yet.

Min and I packed and it took too long so we couldn’t go to the after hours social event from the Chamber of Commerce in Dansville that we had hoped to be able to make it too. Just too much going on today.

We managed to hit the road around 6:30. Off to Pittsburgh. The weather is pretty good for the trip down. We were able to make good time on good roads. We arrived in Pittsburgh around midnight and found our hotel easy enough. We are staying at the Marriott Courtyard downtown which is a brand new hotel. We were really impressed with the Courtyard. It is an absolutely fabulous hotel right in the heart of the city. The whole place was just gorgeous and the room was really nice. Really nicely furnished and pretty big and comfy. We were very surpised. Definitely the nicest Marriott hotel I have ever been in. Far nicer than any of the “real” Marriotts.

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