January 22, 2005

We woke up to the unbelievable blizzard that was expected to hit Ohio this morning. It was quite something after the calm of the last few days. Everything was white and we could barely see the rest of the city from the hotel. We spent much of the morning watching the weather channel. We were planning on being hit and the plan was to hit the road as soon as it let up because there was another blizzard coming right behind it and we had to get out of town between the two or we were going to be caught. We had ordered breakfast delivered last night and it arrived at 9:15 this morning. The Marriott chain has this french toast rolled in corn flakes healthy breakfast that I really like so I got that. Of course, I don’t know how healthy it is with syrup all over it.

At 11:30, by cousin Bill and his wife Carol came out from Louisville to hang out in the hotel with us. There wasn’t much point to travelling around and the hotel and a nice restaurant that wasn’t busy at all so it was a nice place to just sit and visit. We had a nice lunch there in the hotel and hung out until after 2:30. We haven’t seen Bill and Carol since our wedding a year and half ago and that was the only time that Min had ever had the chance to meet them so she didn’t get a chance to know them at all. So this was her first chance to really get to meet them.

At 3:00 we were on the road and attempting to get back to Geneseo. The roads were pretty awful but the storm was pretty light. The plows were out and doing enough to keep the roads passable. There was so much panic about the blizzard that really there was hardly anyone out on the roads. So that worked out really well. It was a slow drive but not too dangerous. It only took us seven hours to get back to Geneseo, two hours longer than it would usually take in good weather without stopping.

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