January 24, 2005

Back to the grind. This morning I have a service call to make out in Perry so I had to get up and head out there. I was there for most of the morning and the early part of the afternoon. I got home and found out that Wegmans needed me to run up to the city for a meeting so my light afternoon turned into a busy day. I hopped back into the car and drove up to the city. I stopped by my bank in Brighton and did a little banking before heading over to the meeting.

The meeting was pretty short, about an hour and a half. I drove down to CompUSA to see if I could find one of the Mac Mini’s left on the shelves. No luck. Not a one to be found of either model. They had the keyboard that I wanted to get for the Mac but it was $20 MORE than the Apple store’s price for a $29 item. That was pretty ridiculous. So I just went on over to Petsmart and picked up some necessities for the hamster. He is running out of bedding material and his main food is running low so I stocked up. I also bought his a little hamster potty with litter to see if he would like that or not.

I stopped by Best Buy hoping that they carried the Apple Mac Mini’s but they don’t carry Apple products at all. I did some shopping for DVD’s while I was there and picked up some new ones including Mystery Men, the original Night of the Living Dead, The Big Easy, Josie and the Pussycats, The Story of Us and Darkman. All for $6 or less. Good deal.

I came home and Min and I hung out and watched Laws of Attraction which, I thought, was really good. We also watched the first half of Mystery Men before she went to work. But we didn’t have enough time to finish it so she took it with her to work. It is a really bad movie but it has a really amazing cast.

After Min went to work, I watched the new remake of Dawn of the Dead. I have never seen the original but the remake wasn’t too bad. I thought that it would probably be awful but it was much better than I had expected. They made the zombies really move in this one which is a lot scarier than the slower lumbering things of the old movies.

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