February 18, 2005

Its Friday! Whoo hoo. The game is tonight. Everyone is looking forward to it, we are expecting a full house.

I had a lunch meeting today up at the Pakistan House in Brighton. Boy is that place good. After my lunch meeting, I went over to the UofR for a little while. Eric and I went over to Bruegger’s, our regular hang out. We took off to head home around 5:00. I had to get home and ready for tonight’s game.

We ended up not getting a full eight players, only seven. Art, Min, Jeremy, Tony, Andy, Josh and I played two games starting around 8:00 and going until 3:30am! It was a really good set of teams, though, even with an odd number of players. We had a really good time. The first game was quick but the second one went on for hours. It was a really good night.

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