March 28, 2005

Once again, Min wasn’t here and I fell asleep before I put on my CPAP. DOH! Luckily I woke up at 6:00 this morning and realized that I wasn’t wearing the CPAP and I put it on. But I had to sleep in late to make up for the lost night of sleep. I had been planning on getting up and getting moving nice and early this morning. But instead I had to sleep in until 9:30 or so. Another morning lost. Oh bother.

I was looking at Technorati this morning and noticed that a number of the blogs have climbed signicantly in the ranking. SGL2 has climbed way up to the 189K mark and the The Friday Night Game has hit 271K. Don’t ask me why the game site is doing so well. I need to have Min check the stats on her site, she seems to be getting a lot of readers. More than me, I would say. Which is very depressing having been blogging since 2000. I decided to use a new blog site to keep track of what I was eating for my diet (yes, yes, I am on a diet) and found that a lot of people are getting the websites that I had thought of thinking that no one would ever have thought of those. Unfortunately, the blogs that I kept finding were old and no one has been posting to them in forever. It sucks that people suck up the good blog names and never use them like What I Ate Today and What I Ate. Both haven’t been used since 2003. So I settled on using What Scott Ate Today. So, now I have a diet site. Nothing exciting. No reason for anyone to go there. But I do think that it is a really good use of a blog to be able to keep journalled personal information like this.

It is forty six degree farenheit out this morning. Spring is really here. The last few days have been awesome. This is the kind of weather that I really look forward to – the transition weeks. Everything is wet and overcast and just warm enough but not too warm yet. Summer will be here all too soon.

While scouring the Internet today, I discovered this awesome pamphlet from 1965. It fills in so many unanswered questions in my mind. All of you Star Wars junkies should head on over to Pez and get their limited edition Star Wars dispensers too.

Wegmans still hasn’t gotten a contract for the project that I am doing yet. In two days the pilot will be wrapping up and that will be the end of the work that they have contracted us for officially. It will be a pain if we have to keep doing work two weeks at a time like this. I am planning on taking another position immediately if the opportunity arises. I have given Wegmans three months to start this project and they have pushed it off every time that I have talked to them. Unfortunately, lots of people are out today so I won’t be hearing anything from anyone. I do wish that, for once, I would get to know something about what is going on. I have been kept in the dark for so long I just want a few months of forsight. I don’t ask for that very often. Most people demand a lifetime of it. I just want to know what is going on through, say, Autumn. Just a vague idea, really, would be nice.

Well, seconds after I typed that message I got a note from Wegmans that they have agreed to two more weeks of work (after making me take two weeks off, of course.) Ha, ha. I don’t have time to put up with this crap. I called the consulting agency and asked them to take me off of the project. This is not worth the headache at all. I have better things to be doing with my time than worrying if the project is going to keep moving forward week after week. It is nerve racking and after last year’s fiasco in Albany I don’t have the patience to do another one of these deals. So I have moved on and am looking for something a little bit more reliable. For the #1 place in the country to work, there sure are an awful lot of people who don’t seem to be willing to work there. So, needless to say, I updated my resume today.

I was feeling kind of burned out this afternoon so I played a little AoE2 to relax a bit. I find dealing with bad jobs to be very stressful and I seem to have to do an awful lot of it these days.

Min got up at 5:00. She was so tired today that she slept through the incessant blasting that is still going on next door. We had three good blasts today. She got up and cooked dinner. (I won’t put the food details here since there is a site just for that.) We watched Luther starring Joseph Fiennes and Alfred Molina. It was really good. We also watched Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning. Min had seen it before but I hadn’t. That wasn’t bad. It was cute and very watchable.

Min and I both commented that when we watch German films we both remember the actors having said the lines in English but with German accents. But neither of us really get this same effect when we watch Chinese, French or Spanish movies. I think that I might get it when watching Japanese Anime though. So weird, I guess.

We wrapped up our movie watching just in time for Min to head off to work. I wanted to watch something else but once I stop watching I find that I don’t like to start back up again. So I got the hamster out to run around and came down to the office to wrap up the post for the day. I am tired having not slept well or long last night and I have a little bit of a headache. Probably from looking at the computer screen too much. I think that I accidentally turned the brightness up on the graphics card and that is making it hard to look at.

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