April 10, 2005

We managed to make it to Sunday School this morning. Our first time in a year or more, I would say. On the way to church we hit Burger King for some breakfast. That is like three times this week, I had better lay off of the grease.

Normally we go out for lunch after church but dad is in Ohio and since we had breakfast on the way to church, we just ran up to Perry to pick up my car that was up there since Friday and headed on home to Geneseo.

When Andy got up he wanted to get some lunch so I went along with him up to Henrietta to get some food. We went to the mall and he got some Arby’s and I got some Tom Wahls. Two days in a row. I got some food for Min too and we took it to her at the hotel. She was very happy to not have to eat the hotel food. After dropping off her food Andy and I went over to Borders and did some quick shopping but we didn’t get anything. We go there often enough that it is pretty unlikely that anything new will pop up while we are gone.

I decided to provide some links to people talking about Ithaca High School’s “My Favorite Year” that I found on a search from Technorati since Nate will never go there and look for himself. Today there were three articles listed including this one, this one and one from me – coincidentally.

I worked on getting ready for my XHTML Web Design class that starts this coming Friday evening. While I was working on it I watched the real Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. I have never seen it before. I couldn’t believe that I saw Ben Afflect in the movie. Not who I was expecting to see. But Paul Reubens as the bad guy is just hilarious. Overall, the movie wasn’t bad. It is incredibly silly but that is the idea. It is amazing how different the television show is from the movie. The movie was SO much better than the television show ended up being. But the movie didn’t have any real potential for a sequel or for any kind of spin off. It was really a dead end concept. I think that it is really weird that they decided to use it as a basis for a long running television show. If you have never seen the movie, then you have to watch it and spend the entire time thinking about what you would have done if you were given the task of turning it into a television series.

Watching the original Buffy got me into a nostalgic mood (it was made in 1990 but really felt like the mid-eighties) so I decided to follow up with the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink. You have to love old Molly Ringwald movies. They just have a special charm all their own. Watching these old movies and their bizarre take on networked computers is really weird. They instant message each other with pictures in 1986. People really thought that people were doing things like this at the library? UNIX and VMS systems did have instant messaging back then but no one was sending pictures around, that is for sure. So I have to start wondering, when did things like instant messaging start entering the American collective consciousness enough to cause it to show up in movies in the middle of the 1980’s. Looking back, I wonder what people were thinking back then. I know that the way we view computers in the media now is really skewed and weird but it was so much more so in the 1990’s and again even more so in the 1980’s. It is exceptionally weird for me because I lived through these eras making fun of the weird ways that computers were portrayed. But now, I can’t remember what I was thinking or feeling at the time. In some ways, I feel like I have known what the Internet was for forever but that doesn’t seem possible. It was only 1994 when people were talking about the Internet and referring to it as “The Information Superhighway”. What were people thinking? Did everyone think that by giving it a retarded new name that no one would notice that nothing had changed? People sure get weird when it comes to anything new. Even when it is 24 years old like the Internet was in 1993. [Note: When I decided to follow Buffy with Pink I had no idea that Kristy Swanson’s first ever film role was at the end of Pretty in Pink. I almost didn’t catch who it was because I wasn’t paying close attention but I looked up just in time to see her.]

I was in a movie mood so I continued with For Love of the Game with Kevin Costner and director my Sam Raimi. I managed to get a ton of work done on my XHTML presentation while watching the movie. I should have a pretty decently well thought out class on Friday – if I do say so myself. I think that everyone taking the class will be really impressed that I managed to put together a full blown presentation for it. This is, by far, the longest PowerPoint style presentation I have ever made.

I wrapped up the movie around 1:30 and decided that I wasn’t as awake as I had hoped that I would be and decided to call it a night. Maybe I will go and read a little before falling asleep. But I am tired of sitting at the computer.

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