April 2, 2005: Happy 0th Birthday to Annalee Ruth Parker

The big news today is that Nate and Tammy had their baby! Annalee Ruth was born at 2:53am. Six pounds, seven ounces and 19.5 inches long.

We didn’t stay up all that late last night but we got up pretty late today? I guess that we had some sleep to catch up on. Min and I got up somewhere around 11:00. But I feel much better. I have been losing a lot of sleep all week and I needed to do some catching up.

Min was knitting and watching Angel: Season One in our room so I decided to watch a little of it with her. I normally take Saturdays off since I pretty much have to work on Sundays and so does she so it just works out to make Saturday our day off (imagine that, taking the Sabbath off, what a bizarre concept.) So, after wrapping up the episode that we were watching upstairs on her 17″ computer monitor, we moved down to the theatre so that we could really watch it and she started from the beginning of the series so that I would know what is going on. We made it through about two episodes.

Tony called just a little after we had gotten up because he wanted to come over and work on taking some of the Brainbench exams while they were still free – which is only until Monday.

Andy was just about to head out the door to get Tony when his pager went off and he had to head into Wegmans. It is so much fun being on call. Actually it isn’t too bad. He gets paid quite a bit to do very little while on call. I would actually much prefer it to not being on call if I had the choice and the price was decent. I like spontenaity. Or however that is spelled. So I headed out to pick up Tony and bring him down to do his certifications.

So Tony did a couple of tests while Min and I continued watching Angel. I have never been a fan of the “Buffy” shows but Angel isn’t too bad. It isn’t awesome or anything but pretty decent. It is entertaining. Mostly just an action television show.

After his tests, Tony came along with Min and I to do some shopping in the city. Min and I both needed new shoes so we stopped by the shoe store in the South Town Plaza and managed to get four pairs at buy one get one half off (I am pretty sure that they always have that sale.) I got one pair of sneakers, they are exactly like the pair that I already had but new (duh!) and a 10 1/2 Wide instead of 11 1/2 Normal. When I was a young teen, I used to wear size 13’s! Now that I have figured out the shape of my feet, I can wear shoes far smaller than I used to be able to wear. Min got one new pair of Adidas and two pairs of dress shoes. Then the three of us headed off to the Pakistan House, Rochester’s most awesome Indian restaurant. I am pretty sure that the cuisine is actually Pakistani but they call it Indian when you are there but I think they are just dumbing it down for the Rochester crowd. I think that Pakistani cuisine and Northern Indian is extremely similar. I talked to one of the owners as we were leaving and he was really excited that we were driving all of the way from Geneseo to eat there on a regular basis. It was a great meal as always and Tony really like it to – it being his first even Indian meal.

We went to Borders after dinner. I wanted to look for a couple things. I found a really nice reference to the Microsoft Windows command line from MSPress that was 40% off so I got that. And I found a good book for learning J2EE and with all of the Java testing that I have been doing I decided that I needed to learn more about that.

We got home and Tony did some more tests and Min and I went to bed.

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