May 6, 2005

Another super busy Friday. Only a few more weeks until school is over. Our bible study ends on the same day so we will be suddenly inundated with free time. But that is weeks away yet.

We got our regular breakfast at Burger King on our way out of town. That resulted in an incident involving a lot of coffee falling onto Dominica’s lap.

Because Dominica has been teaching the seventh and eighth grades, I have to teach the computer classes today. This is an exceptionally busy day for me. I was up until late last night and got only about five hours of sleep before heading into the school. I still had a bit of work to do today for the lecture this evening so that kept me extra busy. I taught all day while Min taught her classes. It went pretty well. The kids love typing class and we did a bit of that.

After school I had my fourth lecture on XHTML and CSS. I had a shorter lecture than normal today. I wanted to slow down a little bit to give students a chance to take it all in. After the lecture, we spent about forty-five minutes working with some of the kids that wanted help getting web pages working on the school’s server.

We drove the Case kids home and then went down to Leicester to visit with grandma for a little bit. She has been feeling really poorly over the past week.

Min and I went to Cook’s in Greggsville and got some subs on our way to Caledonia. Cooks makes really good subs. They toast them. We have a plethora of really good sub shops around us: Cooks, Aunt Cookies, Wegmans and the Silver Lake Country Market.

Then it was off to Caledonia for our Purpose Driven Life Bible study small group. This was our third week of the group. We are really happy to have found the group and Eric and I are hoping that the group stays together after we have finished up with the forty days of purpose.

Min and I got home around 10:30 and since Art was out at a bachelour party we called Danielle and played a round of AoE2. With just the three of us we had to play the two of them against me. I won, of course. 🙂

Then it was off to bed.

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