July 13, 2005

I managed to sleep in with only minor interruption until 1:30 or so. Then I just needed to get up and get moving. I really wish that I never needed to sleep. I would get so much more accomplished that way.

I did some more work this afternoon and then around 4:00 Andy and I ran out to go to the Post Office to do some mail stuff and to get some stamps and then we went over to Denny’s to get some lunch/dinner. They were super slow today. We were the only people eating for about half of the time that we were there.

Dad IM’d me when we got back to tell me that a bunch of equipment that we had ordered had arrived including Min’s new desktop and some new toys for Mary and Andy as well. Min has been very excited about getting her new machine.

So Min and I went down to Grandma’s and met up with dad there to pick up the stuff that had arrived. There is a hot new laptop in there for me to work on tonight as well. Both the new desktop and the new laptop are AMD 64 machines. The desktop is about the same as one of mine but this is the first Turion 64 laptop that I have gotten to see so I am really interested to see how it is.

Then it was off to work for me. Lyle Ave. tonight, across from Nick Tahou’s. The job went quickly tonight and I was home at 1:30. Lots of work to be done so I worked until after 5:00 am again. Jeremy is coming over at sometime tomorrow to do some work around here. I have no idea what time he is coming. I have a phone interview at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.

Okay, I seriously need to get some sleep so I am going to bed now.

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