August 21, 2005

Min and I left first thing this morning to head out to Frankfort. It is about two and a half hours to get out there from our place in Geneseo. I am not sure why it is getting faster and faster for us, we haven’t changed the route that we take but it seems like we are getting there fifteen minutes faster than we used to do a year ago.

It was just before 11:00am when we arrived in town. We got to hang for about half an hour before I had to leave to get out to the golf course. Today is Dominica’s cousin Sam’s stag party out at the StoneBridge Golf Club. I know almost no one that is going to be there and I am going alone. So this is a bit of an adventure.

We played a full eighteen rounds today. There were so many people coming today that we got the entire course to ourselves. We must have had fifty people out on the course just in our group. It was pretty cool. The weather was great for golf. Just a little warmer than I would have wanted but well within the pleasant range. Too sunny though. I ended up burning me head completely (which is a result of having absolutely no hair whatsoever.) I didn’t wear a hat because that would make me way too warm but without one I ended up turning nice and red. I didn’t realize how much sun I was getting until I wiped my head on a towel around the sixteenth hole and felt how burnt it was. Oops. I played a pretty good game for me which is pretty bad for anyone else. But I had pretty good consistency all day so it was very enjoyable.

After golf we had a big dinner at the country club.

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