September 14, 2005

I got in from Wegmans around 3:00 this morning and luckily I remembered that I had to take out the trash before going to bed. The trash has been piling up around here since I have been working the days that it has to go out. It has really become a problem. It took about half an hour or so to get all of the trash and recycling that I could get out to the curb. What a pain trash is. I took a bunch of bulky styrofoam items out to the construction dumpster that they told us we could use. I don’t like to use it for regular trash but I figure some plastic, metal of packaging items now and then is no different than the stuff that they put in there so it isn’t a problem. We still have three garbage bags of returnables that we have to get back to the store at some point. And the dining room still has two gigantic stacks of magazines that have to be taken away as well. But it is a start. There are four or five full garbage bags that I couldn’t take out which means that we are already looking at being two or three bags beyond capacity for the next trash pickup. Oh brother.

I found a great piece of software for my Pocket PC. It is a Bible program called eSword. It is a free program although you do have to pay for Bible translations that come from the Lockman Foundation (that would be the Amplified Bible and the New American Standard Bible) but you can get a number of good translations for free like the King James, English Standard, American Standard and the Good News. The program also handles Bible dictionaries and commentaries and is very easy to use. I ended up downloading so much stuff that it completely filled my secure digital (SD) card on my Pocket PC. I guess that I will have to get a larger one now. This one is only 64MB. 1GB cards are only about $50 so I think that that might be a good investment. It would be nice to have some serious storage on this thing. Especially if I ever want to listen to books or podcasts on it. Those take up space quickly.

I got my overnight paperwork done and got to bed around 4:00. I got up around 11:00. That seems like more or less a full night’s sleep but it really isn’t when you consider how often something gets me up. I generally end up getting up as a matter of being defeated in my quest for uninterupted sleep.

Today is a pretty slow day. The week is winding down for me. I work my final shift of the week up on East Ave. in the city. Only a few sites left to go. We are rapidly wrapping up here. Min has to work this evening on the “B” shift. I have to ask her what she works everyday because I can’t keep track of it. Her and my schedules worked out perfectly this week so that dad didn’t have to babysit Oreo a single time. Oreo really likes it when he gets to stay home and is not left alone for very long. He gets really upset if he is alone for any length of time.
Dell Servers Suck More Power than SUN Servers

I liked this ad that SUN had made for their new servers so I thought that I would give them a little free ad space here on SGL. That and we need a little spicing up from time to time. I don’t put enough images onto the site, I don’t think. So I will work on that.

Oreo is still enraptured with this upstairs office. He never leaves this room. We have started keeping his pillow in the room and he migrates back and forth between it and the spot where the sunlight shines in the middle of the room.

Eric needs a good way to kill time at work so I got him set up to play the MUD from work today. Now we are much more likely to have people playing during the daytime. The more the merrier with games like this. It is nice to have other people around to interact with.

I really like Wise Potato Chips because they taste great and have no articifial ingredients. So I thought that I would provide a link to them. Enjoy. They are available at most better grocery stores including Wegmans. You can also pick up some Bison Reduced Fat French Onion Dip making a complete and decently healthy snack.

I decided that it was finally time to begin the process of sorting through the laserdiscs to figure out what we would be able to do without (read: have been replaced with DVDs already.) There are a lot of movies to be gone through. I hope that I manage to eliminate at least one entire box of them. It is a real pain to store so much stuff in the house and every little bit helps.

I was helping Eric play the MUD and then Art decided to play so I logged on with my actual character and played a little. I haven’t played any video games much in weeks. Except for a little bit of Golden Sun on the Game Boy Advance. That is a great old school jRPG that is really well done.

For anyone looking to catch up with Bob Crissman, here is his RSS Feed and to his web site.

I spent the evening cleaning and doing small chores around the house. It is a beautiful evening. The weather is perfect. It is that sleepy slightly overcast, warm but not too warm kind of evening. Too bad I have to go to work.

If anyone is looking for us this weekend, Dominica and I will be in Ithaca on Saturday.

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