September 19, 2005

Never a chance to sleep in. Min’s alarm went off this morning and the sun was blazing down on our heads and I couldn’t lay in bed any longer so I got up. Even though it was her alarm I was up at least half an hour befor she was if not closer to an hour. We didn’t get to bed too late last night but late enough. It sure would be nice to get a full night’s sleep one of these days.

I am working in Central Pennsylvania this week. Tonight I am in State College and tomorrow night I am in Williamsport.

This morning I have spent the entire morning on the phone with trying to troubleshoot their line that we have in Washington. We pay for a 256K line but we actually only get about 16K which is pretty ridiculous. We have had pretty bad service from them over the years and this has been on ongoing issue that they will turn down the line and not tell us or get authorization to do so. Now the line is unusable and we are having a hard time getting them to fix anything. We are only under contract with them until January and believe me I have very little intent to resign. I have had to spend far too much time dealing with this company to make any deal on the line worth it. And the worst part is that they are completely unable to do anything without someone being there to do things for them. They really need to have solid remote access to their equipment if they are going to not allow us to manage it.

Min got back home a little after 12:30 and dad came over around 1:10 so that we could go to lunch. It was 1:30 before I was finally able to get out of the office long enough to get some food.

Dominica went back to bed as soon as we had returned from lunch. I had to shower and get ready to head out to State College. I was bidding on some items from eBay and actually won some stuff today. I won a three volume set of Edward Gibbons “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” which I have wanted for a long time. I also won “Grandia II” for the Dreamcast. Dominica will be very happy about that. She is very excited about having a mostly modern video game console again.

Eric was working up at the hospital today and was unpacking some new plastics totes (these are big 96 gallon totes that have their own six inch wheels so these are nothing small) and discovered a black widow spider living in the totes. Always a fun thing to find.
Scott and Eric Railroad in 1988

Today we have another picture from the great Scott-Eric Railroad of 1988. This is a picture from the right hand approach. The table was in an L shape with two long sides against a back wall and two long sides and the two ends exposed. It was a very convenient size for what we were doing. As you can see in this picture, we hadn’t gotten very far. There is only one piece of rolling stock even on the tracks.

My childhood N Scale model railroad in my grandmother's basement

I am about to leave for my trip. Short and sweet. I will be back on Wednesday. Only a two day week this week. What a relief!

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