September 21, 2005

Before I forget, here is a list of free furniture items available to the first person who wants one or all: bedside table with three drawers, dresser, futon with a broken weld and a large standard couch.

Last night’s work went pretty smoothly and I was back at the hotel by half past midnight. While I was at work I managed to have a nice stroll around Williamsport and get a little bit of a feel for downtown. Williamsport is a very odd place. It is a tiny city located in a very remote part of the world being several hours from the nearest cities of any size which are Rochester to the north by three hours and Harrisburg to the south by a few hours. They are in a an area with some through traffic but not a lot. They are in the process of finally getting a US Interstate (the new Route 99) to run to them but it isn’t finished yet and won’t be for several years. So, because of its relative isolation, Williamsport has to be very self-sufficient. So it has a little bit of everything. Nice hotels, fine dining, dance clubs, the works. There are two small colleges there as well. I think you have to spend some time there to get any feel for the place.

I got to sleep around 2:00 and was out of the hotel at 11:00. It took just over two hours to get back to Geneseo. Williamsport is never as far away as I imagine it to be. One of these days I am going to spend a weekend there and get to know the place.

I got home and had almost an hour to spend with Dominica before she had to leave for work. She is working the “B” today and I am staying home with Oreo. It worked out really well that I was able to get home before she left so that Oreo wouldn’t have to be left alone more than necessary.

John is in town today but very busy so I am hanging loose until we are able to get together. Eric called at 3:00 and said that he was extremely bored and that I should come up to the city early. I have been wanting to stop by at Game Craze on Mt. Hope anyway so that sounded like a good idea. I left the house just after 4:00 and met Eric at Game Craze (they are the best place around for getting used games and stuff for older game consoles.) I did some looking around and got a second controller, a memory card and three games for Min on the Dreamcast. They had Bust-A-Move 4, Ecco the Dolphin and Seaman. All games that I have no interest in but she wants them and they had them and right now we have hardly anything in hand to use on the DC so I figured that I would get them for her.

John met us at The Distillery on Mt. Hope a little after 5:30. We had some drinks and hung out for a while. Today is the day that Eric finds out (and that I can finally post here even though this didn’t actually end up getting posted until a week later because it was trapped on my laptop) that the company that he is working for was bought out by a large national waste company and that he is now working for a $600 million organization.

I wasn’t able to stay out long because I had to get back to be with Oreo while Min is at work. He gets nervous being alone.

Min got home around 11:15 and we went down to the basement where I had hooked the Dreamcast into the theatre system and played a little DC. Bust-A-Move doesn’t work with the system that we have because it doesn’t support the 480p output so I am going to have to come up with some way to play that game before we can give it a try. Min tried Ecco the Dolphin and immediately agreed that the game was so incredibly awful that we should sell it on eBay immediately. Neither of us ever managed to make it past the training phase it was so unbearable.

Seaman wasn’t much better. It is a freaky game narrated by Leonard Nemoy. The game is about raising a sea creature in a tank and talking to it (yes, with a microphone.) But the game is so difficult and makes so little sense that we never got it to do anything. Whatsoever. At all. I will be surprised if we keep that one.

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