September 23, 2005

I was supposed to be up in the city today but my scheduled ended up getting changed and I managed to spend the day at home.

The Ralstons came over this evening at 6:30 for dinner. Min cooked “chicken”. After dinner, Min and Danielle went around Geneseo to do some shoe shopping. Art, Michael and I went down to the theatre and played some Dreamcast racing games. The conclusion is that we love Le Mans 24 Hour and the others are just so-so.

Andy called tonight and said that he had more games for the Dreamcast than we had realized and that we had been bidding on one or two that he already had. So luckily we didn’t end up winning any of the ones that he knows for sure that he has but we are pretty sure that we ended up with at least one overlap.

Mary called from work to say that she had left the light on in her car and her battery had died and the only person that was there wasn’t willing to “damage his new car” to jumpstart her’s. I am not exactly sure how jumping someone will damage your car but whatever. So Art and I drove over there and gave her a jump.

We played Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition and then the Ralstons went home around 2:30 in the morning. We never managed to wrap up early. The 20th Anniversary Edition of TP is awful. The questions are really childish and very poorly researched and/or edited. Clearly very little money is put into the questions themselves and they are definitely not a priority when they aren’t doing the really tough Genus series.

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