September 9, 2005

Dominica was not impressed by my first Podcast on SGL. She thinks that I sound like a boring NPR personality which I thought was awfully impressive because that is what I like to listen to. So I was happy with the comparison. Dominica also happened to notice that SGL had a new look and was wondering how many months that had been there. So I guess now we have a good idea of how often she reads the site. So if you are out there reading SGL on a regular basis you can rest assured that you probably know more about what is going on with me than the people who live in my house. And if you are now listening to the SGL audio content that you are WAY ahead of Dominica since she can’t stand to listen me talking in my “podcast” voice and she says that I should play it when we go to bed so that she will be able to fall asleep quickly.

Art, Danielle and Michael came by at 10:00 this morning. Dominica, Danielle and Rebecca are going shopping all day today and Art and Michael are spending the day here. Michael homeschools so he had his regular day’s worth of schoolwork to do while Art and I hung out in the living room and kept an eye on him.

The girls got back decently late like around 6:00. We couldn’t believe how long they had been shopping. About the same time that they got back Andy stopped in to visit for a little bit.

We got dinner with Andy at Aunt Cookies’ down on Main Street. Andy and I just don’t really like Wegmans subs. The fact that Wegmans refuses to toast their bread and the fact that it is so thick and difficult to bite through really ruins it for me even though they do use good quality ingredients. They just don’t really compete with the good sub shops because they don’t put the same level of interest into customer satisfaction. The biggest problem, I think, is that they don’t toast their subs which is the preferred method of preparing them I am pretty sure but they get snotty with you if you ask them if you can. So I always think of them as being really rude and I don’t like to go there. But Aunt Cookies’ subs are really good. So we ate there before Andy drove back up to Brighton and Dominica and I drove over to York to hang out with the Ralstons.

It was kind of late by the time we got over to the Ralstons’. We played a round of Cranium, Min’s favourtie game. Min and I won again. I am pretty sure that it is her favourite game because we are really good at it. Art had been playing a little on the MUD this evening and we noticed someone named “Josh” playing on there. We are suspicious but we don’t know who it is yet.

On our way home from Art and Danielle’s house tonight, Min and I went to Super Walmart and did some shopping for the paint that we need so that we can paint our master bathroom. Min has been wanting to get it painted for a long time but we have been putting it off until now. Originally she had thought that she wanted to paint it a kind of light green but tried a little on the wall and subsequently decided contrarily. So she spent some time looking at the colour selection but was still unable to make up her mind. I looked at the available colour choices and determined that I thought that she would like to have the bathroom done in Fuschia Fizz. She couldn’t believe that I would let her have that colour but I had kept telling her that she could do it in any colour that she wanted. So Fuschia Fizz it was. She ordered a gallon of Kilz super ultra pink paint and we were set to begin the painting process.

We got in to the house a little after 1:00 and Min decided to start prepping the bathroom so that we would be able to paint tomorrow. She is very anxious to get the room painted.

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