October 21, 2005

Yesterday’s beheamoth daily update clocked in at 22KB not including the image! That is one huge update. Plus audio updates to both podcasts might make yesterday the busiest day ever for me!

Min and I left Geneseo just a little after 9:00 am. Our first stop was to take Oreo over to Art and Danielle’s house for the weekend. This is the first time that we are leaving Oreo with anyone other than dad so we are worried about how he is going to react. In addition to staying with someone other than dad this is also the first time that he is going to be staying with another dog since we have gotten him other than Dexter who is older and smaller than him. Obi is a much larger dog and much, much younger (under a year old) and has tons more energy than little Oreo has.

We got to dad’s at 9:40 and we pretty much just threw our stuff into dad’s car and off we went heading for Ohio.

Dominica Miller Making Faces

This is another one of those punishment pictures for people who don’t read the web site often enough. This is a picture of Dominica taken over at Grandma’s apartment sometime in July when we were visiting her. Dominica doesn’t like her picture being taken so she was making faces.

We stopped in Erie, PA and met up with the Richardsons at the TA travel plaza there. Like most TAs in the region, this one has a Buck Horn restaurant. We had lunch there that ended up not being very good. Traditionally I have always liked eating at the Buck Horn but recently their quality has dropped off and I am beginning to not want to eat there anymore. This time there was almost nothing on the menu that I could eat and Dominica was stuck getting oatmeal as the only menu item that she could eat. I got a fish dinner but it wasn’t very good. The fish was over cooked and gross and the tartar sauce was nasty.

I drove most of the trip out to Canton. Dad drove the first bit from his house down to the gas station in Salamanca in the Seneca Nation. Then I drove the rest of the way from there. We arrived at the Comfort Inn in North Canton near the Football Hall of Fame at 4:45. The hotel is very nice. And we managed to get both our room and my dad’s room at the employee price of only $25/night. That is awfully nice. That makes it a lot more reasonable to be staying in hotels so often. I wish that we could have gotten a price like that next week when we are going to be in Florida but beggars can’t be choosers.

We go settled into the hotel and I was able to confirm that our Internet is working. I am really impressed with this hotel. As a vacationing hotel it is nothing special. But for business travellers – and lets face it, no one is ever going to vacation in Canton, Ohio – this room is awesome. The Internet is through Ethernet, not wireless, which is more reliable and easier to use for most business travellers who absolutely cannot live with a sketchy Internet connection. There is a real desk here. An awesome corner desk with really nice wall mounted back lights makes for a really nice work environment. I could be very happy spending many evenings working out of a hotel room like this one. I think that more hotels need to come here and see what they have done to see how business travellers need to be treated.

From the hotel we went with dad over to Red Lobster by Belden Village to get some dinner. Both dad and Min wanted to go to Red Lobster but didn’t want to admit it but when I mentioned it they were both very excited to get to go.

After dinner we drove down to East Canton to visit with my grandparents, my Aunt Cheryl and later on, my cousin Gwen. Gwen said that she got a call from her ex-boyfriend Mike asking if I was in town. Apparently he works at the Red Lobster and had recognized me. I am really surprised that he recognized me. He hasn’t seen me in about three years and to see me in the Red Lobster in North Canton is so far out of any context that would make sense to have seen me in that that alone should have thrown him off significantly.

We visited for several hours but all three of us were really exhausted and needed to get back to the hotel to get some sleep. Min went pretty much straight to bed but I wanted to stay up and get SGL taken care of for the day and to do a little college research for Gwen who is having problems getting out of college because all of the programs that she is interested in have waiting lists that are so long that she will never get any use out of them.

During the drive out this afternoon I finished listening to the book “Six Easy Pieces” by Professor Feynman. It is supposed to be one of the most famous sets of physics lectures ever given. It is a series collected from Feynman’s famous CalTech lectures in the 1960’s. I want to work my way through all of the lectures eventually. We will see how well that ends up working out. After wrapping up that book I finally got the chance to start listening to “Eragon” which I have been wanting to read for a really long time. Min read the book a few years ago and Michael is just starting to read it now since we got him the book for his birthday. Min is about halfway through listening to the recording of the book as a refresher now. So I am finally getting to listen to it myself. I managed to listen to about three chapters today while I was driving. So far it sounds interesting. I will try to keep you informed as to how it is.

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