October 24, 2005

Six days and counting to Disney World! Boy is that getting close.

I managed to get to bed at a reasonable time last night and was up at 7:15 this morning. Just enough time to get dressed and ready for dad to pick me up to go to breakfast. We met Dominica at the Omega Grill. We were back home by 9:00 and she went straight to bed.

Today’s podOmatic listing is the first day that both the SGL Podcast and The Jedi Council Speaks made the top 100 list on the same day TJCS sneaked in at #99 with SGL placing an impressive #39. SGL still isn’t on the all time popularity list but we have to be closing in. Keep up the listening everyone, we will make it yet!

I changed around the navigation bar a little today. I wanted to get a clear Podcast chicklet to make it easier for people to subscribe to the Podcast. Now you can easily go right to the Podcast XML feed or just look at the web page itself for those of you who are not using iPodder. But there is an iPodder link as well so go and download that as well. There are downloads available for Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX so no one should have any problem finding what they need.

I spent most of the day preparing for the class that I will be teaching tomorrow. I have to get a lot of example software ready and that takes a long time. I am trying to get a number of UNIX systems running on my laptop in Microsoft’s Virtual PC and it takes a while to do installs and setups. I have SUSE Linux and FreeBSD working so far and Solaris 10 seems to be coming along pretty well. I also discovered that Minix has finally gone to version 3.0 and is available for download so I acquired that today as well in the hopes of being able to use it. I have been hearing about Minix for many years and it will be nice to actually give it a try. I probably should have taken the time to look at it years ago but there is a new version now and development has been continuing so I think that Andrew Tannebaum and team have earned my interest.

I left the house around 1:30 this afternoon and met Eric up at the UofR so that we could hit Bruegger’s for some coffee. I hadn’t eaten since my early breakfast so I decided to grab a bagel. Bruegger’s is a surprisingly economical place to grab a bite. I got a toasted tuna fish melt bagel. It was yummy. We hung out until 4:00 when I had to get downtown to have coffee with Bonnie (a significant part of my day today involves coffee.)

I got up to The Spot on East Ave. a little before 4:30. Bonnie arrived just a few minutes after me. It was weird seeing her again. I am pretty sure that we haven’t seen each other since 1998 when we were at MCC together! Seven years! That is a really long time. We had a really good time and visited for about two hours. She has been reading SGL some too! (Soon you will all be assimilated! Mu ha ha) It was great to get a chance to catch up after all of these years. I am really glad that I managed to track her down.

Min sent me down to Henrietta to do some shopping for Oreo and Mr. Humphries. They are both about out of food so I had to pick up stuff for them. I also swung into CompUSA and picked up a Logitech Desktop USB Microphone for Min and I to use to do the SGL Podcast from Disney World since all I have right now is a set of headphones that I do all of the recording with.

I got home at almost 8:00 and Min had dinner ready for me. She made our Quorn Chicken Fillet’s in vegetable broth with garlic, onions and mushrooms with spaghetti squash and peppered cauliflower. It was awesome. It was nice to get to eat together sitting at the dining room table. We haven’t done that in a really long time. I can’t even remember the last time taht I saw the top of the table.

I still had a lot of work that needed to be done before tomorrow so I got into the office and got to work on that. Dominica did some knitting sitting in the office with me while she watched the first season of Smallville. She had to scoot off to work at 11:00 so I was left alone with the aminals.

You can thank Wil Wheaton for discovering this one: Google Print. You can search books in print. Very neat idea. If you do a search for “Holy Shit” you will discover that Wil’s book is ranked at number four!

I got a chance to talk to my cousin Monica on instant messenger this evening. She is the first of my cousins that I am aware of to be online on a regular basis enough to actually find that a good way to communicate with her. Which is cool because being one of my youngest and most distant cousins I get to see her the least so it is nice that I am actually able to talk to her now. And I also managed to get her to check out SGL and the SGL Podcast so maybe she will be a new regular reader and listener.

I got the ninth episode of the SGL Podcast recorded tonight. This is the longest yet. I was planning on it being only a short show and it ended up being forty minutes. I wanted to try out the new microphone to see if it would work while Dominica and I are in Florida and I think that it is going to work well. So here is a scary statistic: I produce currently close to 1 GB of new content every day. I may soon have to come up with some alternative form of storage to take care of the amount of space that the Podcasts take up in raw form on my computer. I am going to use up hard drives quickly with that kind of data creation.

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