October 27, 2005

Three days until Walt Disney World, can you believe it? I can’t. It doesn’t seem real at all. I have been telling people all week that I will be out next week and in my mind I have the time blocked out but it doesn’t seem like I am really going to be getting onto a plane and flying out of the cold north in just three more days. This is the first vacation that Min and I will be taking together that involves us flying. We have flown together a number of times but never on a “family vacation” so this is a little new for us.

I didn’t get to bed last night until after 4:00 and wanted to sleep in a bit this morning. Min got up and got off to school but Oreo and I had a nice lie in until around 11:00. It is so much nicer staying in bed when you have dog to hang out with.

podOmatic is back up and running this morning but its statistics are still not working. Episode ten did get posted this morning so you can get over there and check that out now. It is really long so be sure to set aside some time to listen to it.

Dominica came home from class this afternoon and had stuff from her class for me. Her professor got me a really nice Finger Lakes Community College sweatshirt/hoodie as a thank you gift for having been a guest speaker. That was really nice. He even managed to find one that fit me. Min was disappointed because she actually wanted the sweatshirt and was hoping that it would fall to her when it was too small for me. No such luck for her. I was wanting one of these too. I would also like to get some clothing from MCC. I am a graduate from there and I don’t have a single piece of clothing from there. Seems like I should. I also got a really nice thank you card from the professor and everyone in the class. They are signed it and wrote me some notes. It was very thoughtful. The college has asked me to come back and give the same lecture again so that they can video tape it this time. I suppose that this time I will have to be more prepared and have a powerpoint presentation or something.

Eric came over this afternoon to use the computer and the Internet access since he has nothing at work STILL. How they expect him to get anything done at all without a computer or access to his files or anything at all, I have no idea. Min headed off to work at 3:00.

Oreo’s vaccinations have expired and he needs to get his boosters. He dislikes going to the vet but we want to make sure that it is taking care of before we leave to go to Disney World or else dad might end up having to deal with something. So today is about the only good day to deal with it so I called the vet here in Geneseo and got Oreo an appointment for this afternoon. He is going in a five o’clock and will be getting two shots.

The dog and I left for the vet at 4:50. It took a lot longer than I had expected. He ended up getting a full physical, two shots, some blood work and his nails done. Err… cut. It took a full half an hour by the time that we were done. He was a very good boy, though, and behaved very well. Everyone there really likes him. They think that he is the sweetest thing.

Dad was waiting at the house when we returned. So we transferred Oreo over to dad’s car and then we went over to the Omega to get some dinner. We had a business meeting that needed to be taken care of over dinner so we were there for a while. Oreo napped out in the car. Then we stopped by the auto store in the plaza with the Omega so that dad could pick up a battery for his car. Then it was off home again. Dad had an entire load of books that he had packed up from his house and brought over to here. Now I really need to get more book shelves. As it is there is no room for anything anymore. The book shelf upstairs in the dining room is packed full. All three book shelves in my office downstairs are full. There are even books piled up on top of the books that are on each shelf. There is a ton of books on top of the cabinets in the kitchen too. And there are boxes of books all over the house including the garage. So I need to come up with some sort of solution to the book issues before we are no longer able to find anything that we need.

I checked back with podOmatic and the stats for yesterday were finally posted again and the SGL Podcast shot up to #35 for the day. Still not onto the all time top one hundred list but we have to be making really good progress having not dropped off of the daily counter now for several days and being relatively high on it from time to time.

Dominica called from work tonight and wanted me to meet her at Tim Horton’s when she got off of work. So I bundled up the little one (read: Oreo) and took him out to meet his mommy for coffee. Min was so exhausted when I got there, though, that she was barely able to keep her eyes open and we had to come back home pretty quickly so that she could get a little sleep. Remember, tomorrow is her interview up in Rochester. I am going to be driving her up to the interview so that she doesn’t have to worry about driving and navigating on top of the interview itself. So I am going to be out most of the day tomorrow.

Earlier today I did write two articles on one of my other blogs in response to the Catholic High School in New Jersey that banned blogging. I decided that since it was a technology issue that I would spare everyone my ranting. I also have a copy of a response to an anti-blogger that I wrote. Just so everyone doesn’t think that I didn’t write anything today. I was working on a podcast when Min called me and made me leave the house so I hope to be able to wrap that up in the morning and get it posted shortly.

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